About Us

Lokal Living was formed in 2011 to provide a link between travellers and the Lokal lifestyle. We are experts in Bali's property market and have years of Knowledge of what to do and where to go to help make your Holiday one of the best yet. With Lokal Living we want you to feel at home as though your living like you would at your lokal. From when you arrive at the airport until you fly out you will enjoy the lokal treatment of Bali the way we do.


Jamie Made Patten
Jamie is a New Zealand national that aside from time in New Zealand studying has lived in Bali and around Indonesia since birth. His knowledge of Bali and Indonesia 's outer islands comes from an early age traveling with his father who was the first surf charter operator to G-land (East Java) and desert point (West Lombok). Since a young age Jamie has explored Bali's coasts and many parts of indonesia for the best surf locations sponsored by Billabong to do so. Along this path he has coincidentally found the best properties around Bali and Indonesia and over the past 10 years worked for an international Barrister in the property field as a P.A to secure land in Bali and Lombok. A combination of knowledge of Bali, Lombok and beyond, 10 years working under legal guidance of an international Barrister, along with speaking Balinese, Indonesian and English has formed Jamie into one of the most reliable real estate people to talk to when acquiring property in Indonesia.


Yudith has been with Lokal Living since 2011 and basically runs the show. She has a background in Hospitality and bases is Holiday rentals but is very knowledgable and capable to answer any questions regarding property transactions as well